The children that participate at the soup kitchens of Foundation To Be A Child, don´t celebrate Christmas at home.

That´s why every year we try to organize a so called Chocolatada in the soup kitchens. It´s called a Chocolatada because it´s Peruvian tradition to have hot Chocolate with Paneton (sweet bread) on Christmas eve. A real treat for the children off course and although they only receive a small and useful gift (like a notebook and pens for school and a piece of clothing).

During the activity time in the weeks before Christmas, they handy craft decoration for the soup kitchen and Christmas tree, practice Christmas songs with the teachers and prepare for a performance. Like any child anxious for Christmas to arrive!

The day of the Chocolatada a special meal is cooked for lunch, games are played and their Christmas play is performed. But the best part for them is when the hot Chocolate and paneton are served and receiving a small gift to take home.

Our Foundation fully relies on donations and each year we try to find as many local sponsors as possible to give these children a Merry Christmas and a break from their though realities. 

The costs for this day sum up quickly as in one soup kitchen there are 70 participants and in the other 100! For that reason, any help in products or a deposit on our bank account stating 'Chocolatada' is more than welcome! The children will be very grateful for it!

Volunteer Sara started a fundraising campaign for this specific cause, you can find the details here: Go Fund Me campain

Bank details of SWK:
Account name: Stichting Wees Kind
Account number (IBAN code): NL19INGB0009514505
BIC code of the bank: INGBNL2A
Name of the bank: ING Bank
Location of the bank: Utrecht, The Netherlands

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